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Residential Cleaning Professionals in Marshalltown, IA, Can Save You Time and Money
November 15, 2021 04:11PM

Who doesn’t want a clean and tidy home? But sometimes, the job of house cleaning gets overwhelming, particularly with your busy work schedule. [...]

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Commercial Floor & Carpet Cleaning in Marshalltown, Iowa

ServiceMaster of Marshalltown will help you make a good first impression when clients and customers enter your business, and a lot of that has to do with the quality of your floors. A big part of making that impression is the quality of your floor cleaning. Whether your floors are carpet, vinyl, tile, wood or concrete, their appearance makes a difference. To keep your floors looking their best and prevent potential customers from turning around and walking right back out the door, ServiceMaster of Marshalltown carpet cleaning services can be your greatest ally in the constant battle against grit and grime. We know what it takes to do the job and do it right! We also offer upholstery cleaning and hard floor cleaning services.

Regarding commercial cleaning, there is probably nothing that takes more of a beating than the floors. If those floors are covered with carpet, keeping them looking clean can be a real challenge. Imagine what they experience on any given day: coffee spills, having mud, snow, sand and street grit ground into the fibers, and delivery carts rolled over them. Every one of those activities takes a toll on the life of your carpets. That’s why it’s so important to have your carpets professionally cleaned by the experts at ServiceMaster of Marshalltown. When there is a spot or stain on your carpet, there’s no need to cover it with an area rug or a piece of furniture. ServiceMaster Clean© employs technicians who are trained and qualified to handle the toughest challenges.

Regular professional cleaning of hard surface flooring is just as important. These floors are often exposed to even greater cleaning challenges like grease, oil and chemicals. ServiceMaster of Marshalltown is equipped to handle them all. It’s important to keep your vinyl, tile, laminate and other hard surface floors looking their shiny best. By receiving the correct cleaning and treatment, you may be surprised at how great even a plain concrete floor can look. It’s all a matter of having the right tools, products, experience and skills for the job, and we have the complete package for all your commercial flooring cleaning needs.

Call ServiceMaster of Marshalltown today! We will create a custom carpet, hard floor, and upholstery cleaning plan to suit you needs—and your budget.