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May 15th, 2022 · No Comments

May is the time of year when everyone gets into spring cleaning, which is a great way to start the season and move into the summer with a clean house. Spring cleaning also gives you a chance to open the windows and fill your home with fresh clean air. But what do you do if you don’t have time for spring cleaning? Is there someone to turn to for residential cleaning in Marshalltown, IA? Reach out to ServiceMaster of Marshalltown and see what we can do for you and your home!

Spring cleaning does more than just make your home look nice.

 Spring cleaning does more than just make your home look great; it can also improve the health of your family. During the spring-cleaning process, your home is usually aired out and sanitized, which can remove bacteria and other germs that have collected over the winter. The deep cleaning that usually happens in the spring can also bring life back to your furniture. By removing stains and deep cleaning your furniture, it will look and smell like new.

Knowing the standards for residential cleaning is important in knowing your home is clean. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers industry standards to ensure your home is clean and sanitized. But following OSHA standards can be difficult for the uninitiated to understand. Finding a professional service to help you with your residential cleaning is a much better option.

Finding a professional service for residential cleaning can seem daunting.

 Cleaning your home yourself can seem easy enough, but knowing your home is sanitized can be difficult. Sanitization during the cleaning process is important for ensuring your family’s health and safety. Using a professional service, such as ServiceMaster of Marshalltown, can help homeowners in Marshalltown, IA, with all their residential cleaning needs. ServiceMaster of Marshalltown prides itself in being able to offer the sanitization and cleaning needed to keep your home clean and healthy.

By the way, residential cleaning doesn’t have to just happen every spring. Frequent residential cleaning can keep your furniture and home looking like new. Frequent cleaning also ensures that the dirt and dust gets completely cleaned, and this can help with the allergies and health of those living in the home. Let ServiceMaster of Marshalltown do your dirty work.

For all your residential cleaning needs in Marshalltown, IA, give ServiceMaster of Marshalltown a call at (641) 752-3956.

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