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Duct Cleaning Can Help Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

March 15th, 2022 · No Comments

Winter is slowly ending, and spring is around the corner. You can’t wait for warmer weather to arrive so you can open the windows and air out the house. During the winter months a home can become quite stuffy, and perhaps you’ve noticed dirt and dust accumulating on a few register covers. If so, your spring-cleaning list should include duct cleaning, but where can you find professional duct cleaning in Marshalltown, IA?

Your air ducts play a part in the health of your family.

 From the smell of dinner to the smoke and soot from candles being burned, everything in the air of your home goes through the air ducts. If you have pets, their hair and dander will end up in the ductwork. It’s important to keep the air quality in your home as clean as possible to help keep your family and friends healthy. But how does duct cleaning play a role in the air quality of your home?

While cleaning air ducts isn’t the only source of air quality improvement, it does play an important role. Over time, dirt and dust will accumulate in HVAC ductwork. The Division of Occupation Health and Safety (DOHS) offers guidelines and suggestions for cleaning the ductwork of your home or business to aid in the improvement of air quality.

How can you get duct cleaning done?

 Duct cleaning isn’t something you should do yourself. ServiceMaster of Marshalltown can help the residents of Marshalltown, IA with all their duct cleaning needs. Our technicians have undergone the required training to perform and provide the best duct cleaning possible. They know what tools, solutions, and techniques are needed to perfectly clean your air ducts so they function at their best.

Duct cleaning can greatly improve indoor air quality, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for those living in and visiting your home. Why submit yourself to breathing air that contains dirt, dust, dander, and other forms of potentially nasty filth? Give our professionals a call to ensure the work is done correctly and safely.

For all your duct cleaning needs in Marshalltown, IA, contact ServiceMaster of Marshalltown today at (641) 752-3956.


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