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The Greenery of Marshalltown, IA Inspires Carpet Cleaning

August 20th, 2021 · No Comments

Marshalltown, IA is a very green place. Trails, parks, and preserves are scattered throughout, each filled with a variety of plants and animals. It brings to mind a sense of calm and clean living. The fresh air cleans your lungs and expels all negativity and heartache. Carpet cleaning is a way to refresh your home.

 With Serenity Comes Dirt

That same relaxing, fresh feeling is achieved through a clean home. To bring an air freshening plant into your pristine home would be like creating your own personal nirvana. Unfortunately, to keep your plants healthy, they need dirt, and homes don’t appreciate dirt the same way plants do.

As much as a little succulent doesn’t require much maintenance, the potential for dirt in your carpet is always there. Repotting is a requirement for some plants. Even if this task is done outside, the dirt can be tracked in. Pets, children, and guests of all ages may knock your little green friends over accidentally. While a quick vacuum seems like an optimal solution, you’ll start to see splotches form over time. This is the result of dirt, dust, and other debris becoming ground into your carpets deeply enough that your vacuum alone can’t remove it. Now your nirvana is tainted, but you shouldn’t have to evict your plant.

Carpet Cleaning

ServiceMaster of Marshalltown offers a complete carpet cleaning system to eradicate any messes. Starting with an inspection, your carpet will be thoroughly treated, shampooed, and rinsed of all invasive debris. If there are specific areas you want looked at, our team of trained and experienced professionals will take care of it! Upon a final inspection, we will ensure all is well and you are completely satisfied with their job.

 Cleanliness is Peacefulness

With your Marshalltown, IA nirvana restored, life can continue with absolute tranquility. For carpet cleaning you can count on, please give us a call at (641) 752-3956. For additional assistance and information, click here.

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