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Carpet Cleaning for Your Home or Office Following Winter

March 10th, 2021 · No Comments

With another winter finally coming to an end, your home or office flooring may be all the worse for the wear. Even best efforts aren’t enough to keep up with the constant barrage of dirt, mud, snow, salt, and sand being tracked in day in and day out.  Now that warmer weather is on its way, you can finally scrub away the winter wear with professional carpet cleaning from your local experts in Marshalltown, IA.

Go Beyond Basic Shampoo and Steam

Folks in and around Marshalltown, IA, know how rough the weather can get during the winter season. With the days constantly being cold, gloomy, and damp (often with snow and ice), it’s easy to create a mess on even the best maintained carpets and floors. Simply running out to the car to grab something you forgot can leave trails of dirt and grime throughout your carpeting.

Because the elements are a constant threat to your carpeting during the winter, dirt and debris can build up deep within the carpet fibers. Removing these debris takes more than a cursory vacuuming or a rental cleaner. The professionals at ServiceMaster of Marshalltown have the tools and expertise to deep clean your carpets, removing deeply ground in dirt and grime while protecting your carpets from damage. Professional carpet cleaning also extends the lifespan of your carpets, protecting your investment well into the future. With professional carpet cleaning, your carpets will be clean, protected, and live to see many more winters.

Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Of course, dirty carpets and floors don’t just happen in people’s homes. Your workplace most likely could use a good commercial carpet cleaning service as well. This is especially true for businesses which see a lot of foot traffic. And if you’re being honest, most customers and clients really don’t care how clean their shoes are before they come walking into your business.

If you are in the market for any kind of residential or commercial carpet cleaning services to recover from winter weather, the seasoned pros at ServiceMaster of Marshalltown are always standing by to assist you. Whether it is a one-room job or a multi-floor office building, we can help. Contact us to schedule a time for us to come by or to find out more information.


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