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Does Your Business Need Janitorial Services?

January 18th, 2021 · No Comments

For businesses of all types in and around Marshalltown, IA, making sure that your office stays clean and looking good is very important. Regardless of what it is that you do, chances are that you host customers, clients, or guests at your commercial property. And you also have employees as well. Providing them with a clean and efficient workplace makes everyone more productive.


Small Housekeeping Services

You don’t have to bring in a company to give your building or office a full detail every day. Sometimes all you need is someone to vacuum the carpet and take out the trash. Other times you may need a thorough weekly cleaning. Whatever it is that you require, any qualified provider should be able to customize its Marshalltown, IA, janitorial services to meet your needs.


Major Cleaning Services

At other times, some businesses may require a serious, large-scope cleanup. These may be one-time or seasonal/periodic services for some type of special event or situation. They may also be much more frequent services for buildings like restaurants, casinos, high school, college, and pro sporting arenas as well as countless others that usually require massive cleanup efforts on a regular basis.


As Frequent or Infrequently as Required

Most businesses, however, fall somewhere between the one-time-only and daily scale. It may be twice a week. Twice a month is also common. What it really comes down to is asking what kind of janitorial services does your business need and how often do you need them.


ServiceMaster of Marshalltown offers the janitorial services that you need to keep your office or commercial building looking and functioning its best. Whether it’s a quick, daily, 15-minute routine or a weekly, all night affair, we work around your schedule. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can cover any or all of your cleaning needs today.

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