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Why You Should Invest In Duct Cleaning This Spring, Before Turning On Your Air Conditioner In Marshalltown, IA.

May 9th, 2016 · No Comments

The weather is finally changing, and soon temperatures in the eighties and nineties and unbearable humidity levels will be┬áthe norm. To keep the indoor air cool and dry you’ll be running your air conditioning systems in Marshalltown, IA, but are you aware of what could be lurking in the ducts and air vents in your home or business?

Every time the blower of your HVAC system runs, dust particles, pet hair, skin particles, dust mites, and other types of filth are circulated and swirl around in the air of your home or business, causing very poor indoor air quality.

ServiceMaster of Marshalltown, IA recommends having your ductwork cleaned every three to five years, and immediately after any remodeling or construction projects. Investing in duct cleaning from ServiceMaster is investing in your health, by allowing everyone to breathe easier.

Health Benefits of duct cleaning:

The NADCA states that removing contaminants such as mold, fungi, and bacteria from your HVAC ductwork can greatly increase the air quality in your home or business.

Your heating and cooling system could be thought of as the lungs of your home. According to the NADCA, a six-room home can have up to 40 pounds of dust annually. Regular duct cleaning can decrease the amount of mold, debris, bacteria, pet dander, or toxins from smokers. Duct cleaning has been shown to decrease the amount of allergens in the air that directly contribute to asthma, bronchial conditions, and even lung cancer.

Energy Savings

When your HVAC system is free of contaminants, it will work more efficiently and save you money. Like the human body, if you are healthy, you do not need to work as hard to survive. When a ventilation system is cleaned, it does not need to work as hard to maintain a desirable temperature and purify the air. Another benefit is that duct cleaning can also extend the life of your cooling and heating system.

The certified technicians at ServiceMaster of Marshalltown, IA use specialized tools to dislodge dust, debris, and particles from the ventilation system by using a powerful vacuum system.

Contact ServiceMaster of Marshalltown, IA today to learn more about our duct cleaning services. Call 641-752-3956 today to set up an appointment.


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