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Vandalism – ServiceMaster of Marshalltown Will Turn the Situation Into Just a Bad Memory

August 19th, 2015 · No Comments

You report to work in the morning only to find your belongings have been strewn across the floor, windows are broken, eggs smashed against the building, and graffiti covers the walls and doors of your business. Unfortunately, senseless crimes like this seem to happen more often than ever before. ServiceMaster of Marshalltown is ready and available to help you clean up after an incident of vandalism and get your business up and running just like before.

Vandalism costs homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars each year. Restoring your property in itself is difficult, time consuming, and disheartening. Try to remain calm and begin with a few things to minimize the damage:

  • Take photos and make a complete list of damages to report to authorities and for insurance purposes.
  • Vacuum floors to clean away glass particles and other sharp objects and remove food and debris from interior walls, carpets, and desks/counters.
  • Try to scrape or wash any residue from the outside of the building.

Once you have done the items on the checklist, contact a professional cleaning service to get your business back in order. Don’t try to remove stains such as paint, stay away from damaged electrical appliances, and leave the upholstery and furniture cleaning to the experts as you may do more damage than good.

If your business has been the target of vandalism, contact the team at ServiceMaster of Marshalltown as soon as possible. We specialize in restoring your property with minimal disruption to your everyday life. Our professional staff has the proper equipment, training, and products to get you back on your feet again. Don’t let cowardly acts of vandalism spoil what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Take action as a community and take pride in your surroundings. Work with law enforcement and community leaders and then teach what you know and learn about preventing vandalism to others. Stand strong, stand tall, and leave the rest to us. We’ll turn the situation into just a bad memory.

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