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Keeping the House Free of Mold This Summer in Marshalltown, IA

May 20th, 2015 · No Comments

Winter is finally well behind the Marshalltown and Tama areas. Its terribly dry air has been replaced by refreshing spring rains, green grass and colorful flowers. As wonderful as all this is, there can be a downside: All that moisture-laden springtime air can cause problems in some areas of the home, especially basements.

Left unmanaged, excess moisture and humidity can cause problems, especially in finished basements. Laminated woods and veneers on furniture can separate or warp. Upholstery and cushions can feel damp to the touch and take on a musty smell. The same can be true of carpets. In conditions of extremely high humidity, condensation may form on block walls in unfinished areas like laundry rooms or storage areas.

Most of these problems can be remedied with a good dehumidifier. By extracting excess moisture from the air, the potential for furniture damage can be eliminated, and the area will lose that musty, damp air smell. It can be surprising how much water a dehumidifier can remove from the air in a single day.

There are, however, more severe water problems that can occur. Following periods of heavy rain, homeowners may see a wet spot on basement carpeting or seepage in unfinished areas. This is when there is the potential for serious water related problems like water damage to property and mold growth. These problems are best handled before they occur.

To prevent severe problems such as these, first make sure the soil around the foundation drains away from the house. Over time, the ground around a home can settle, and what was not a problem before, can become one. It is also important to have roof gutters and downspouts. During periods of heavy rain thousands of gallons of water run off the roof. Without proper gutters that are clear and cleaned regularly, all that water relentlessly pours onto the soil right next to your foundation.

Ignoring basic maintenance practices can result in major damage and mold growth. Once mold gains a foothold it takes a highly trained and equipped professional like ServiceMaster of Marshalltown to perform mold remediation to handle the problem.

If you suspect mold or damage caused by excessive moisture may be a problem, contact ServiceMaster of Marshalltown. Whether you have a significant mold problem, or are only experiencing a musty smell in your home due to humid air, we can help. We are not only trained and certified in mold remediation, but we can remove odors that have built up as a result of moisture laden air. If you aren’t sure how to manage a water or moisture problem, we can suggest possible solutions.

At ServiceMaster of Marshalltown, we’re the cleaning and restoration experts in the Marshalltown, Tama and State Center areas! Contact us today!

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