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Fire-Damaged Upholstery Repair Services in Marshalltown, IA

January 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Even a small fire can wreak havoc with things like upholstered furniture. Soot, smoke, and water damage that are left behind may make it seem like the only choice is to throw it out. That may not be true. As one of the many helping hands in the Marshalltown community, ServiceMaster of Marshalltown may be able to help.

Fire damage usually includes three problems: soot, smoke odor, and water damage. All three of these are natural enemies of upholstered furniture. However, in the hands of a certified cleaning professional, your furniture may not necessarily be destined for the landfill. It’s a matter of knowing what to do and what not to do.

The responsibility of knowing what not to do falls primarily on the property owner. The number one “what not to do” is touching soot and smoke damaged upholstered furniture. By its nature, most soot is oil based. That means touching it can embed it into upholstery. Wherever you touch it will probably make that spot more difficult to clean.

Without the right equipment and training there is a good chance your best intentions will make the problem worse. The most important thing you can do is contact a cleaning professional as soon as possible so they can expertly remove the soot, smoke and water from your upholstery.

Just what is it that a professional can do that a do-it-yourself-er can’t?

  • They know how to vacuum up soot without grinding it into the fabric.
  • They have equipment powerful enough to do the job.
  • They have the best cleaning products to clean upholstery and draw out every kind of soot and soil.
  • Their heavy duty ventilation and vacuuming equipment can thoroughly remove moisture from the cleaning process or water damage that may have occurred.
  • They have the training and equipment to remove smoke odors from upholstery.

Besides being able to restore fire and water damaged upholstery, a professional cleaning service can work with your insurance adjuster to file any claims for restoration work. It’s a process they are familiar with. They know how to fill out the forms to help you get the maximum benefit from you policy.

If you have the unfortunate experience of going through a fire and have to deal with the aftermath of cleanup, you can’t make a better call than to contact your friends at ServiceMaster of Marshalltown. Handling cleanup problems is what we do best. Whether you need help cleaning up soot, smoke or water damage after a fire, or require any other cleaning service, ServiceMaster of Marshalltown is here to help. Our team of trained professionals will work hard to get your home or business back to normal and looking its very best. Contact us whenever you need help.

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