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Residential Cleaning Tips- Clean Your Furnace Filter…Seriously!

December 13th, 2013 · No Comments

Marshalltown Residential Cleaning Services by ServiceMaster of Marshalltown

marshalltown residential cleaningIn Marshalltown, our customers know that the onset of winter means freezing temperatures are coming. To stay out of the cold, we’re all going to be spending more time inside behind closed doors and windows. That means breathing a lot more indoor air that continually circulates around the house. So unless you’re one to brave the cold, you probably aren’t going to be opening the windows to air out the house any time soon.  Instead, you’ll be relying on the gentle whoosh of the furnace that moves warm air throughout your home. ServiceMaster of Marshalltown provides carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, and other residential cleaning services in the Marshalltown IA area. Here are a few tips:

When we hear that sound and feel the warmth, it reminds us of how important a furnace is.  And something so important needs to be taken care of.  Here are a couple of questions you may want to ask yourself:

Is my furnace blowing excess dust around the house?

Is my furnace working harder than it needs to?

To answer those questions, you need to look at one thing: the furnace filter.

The problem is, the furnace filter is easily forgotten. Before long, it’s clogged up from filtering dust and other particles out of the air. When there is too much trapped material, the particles to get recycled back into your air ducts and throughout the house again. As the dirt and dust circulates, it settles into your carpets, upholstery and other surfaces of your home. And don’t forget, you’re also breathing those materials in daily.

There is a greater cost than some excess debris when you leave a furnace filter unattended for too long. If you remember junior high science class, you’ll know that combustion needs three things: fuel, a heat source and oxygen. A dirty furnace filter cuts off some of the oxygen your furnace needs to burn efficiently. To make up for that, your furnace burns more fuel – and you’ll need to spend more money to maintain it. Just think how much money you would save if the furnace filter was kept clean!

Changing or cleaning your furnace filter, depending on what type you have, is quick, easy, effective and inexpensive. According to manufacturer guidelines, you should change your furnace filter once a month during cooler seasons. It will keep your house cleaner and your fuel bills lower. It doesn’t get much easier than that.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to change the furnace filter.

If your furnace filter has caused excess debris in your home, call the professionals. ServiceMaster of Marshalltown will take care of any air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or carpet cleaning in Marshalltown, IA. We’ll even provide tips on how to keep your furnace filter and air ducts clean. Rest assured that you can start winter off with a clean slate and a clean home.  Contact ServiceMaster of Marshalltown today!

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