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Marshalltown Office Cleaning and House Cleaning Challenges for Winter

October 30th, 2013 · No Comments

Marshalltown carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services by ServiceMaster of Marshalltown

marshalltown carpet cleaning floor cleaning tile cleaningColder weather is upon us and that means more opportunity for dirt, mud, and even snow to get tracked in by customers and family members alike. That means that you’ll need Marshalltown carpet cleaning or floor-cleaning professionals like ServiceMaster of Marshalltown to help out! All winter long, people track in the physical remains of the outdoors, plus the “winter additives” such as gravel, sand and salt, often in the form of a wet, slushy gook, which can stain surfaces and fabrics. After just a day of this kind of foot traffic, your home or office can look more like a disaster zone than a welcoming, clean environment.

Professional cleaning services in Marshalltown, Iowa are not just meant to keep your home or office “looking” clean. To ServiceMaster of Marshalltown, a clean environment means a healthy environment. During cold and flu season, viruses are easily spread, not by the weather, but by other people who are infected with them. That is why residential and commercial cleaning involves keeping common areas and surfaces clean, from office lunchrooms and doorknobs, to your home air ducts.

When it’s cold outside, most people stay warm and comfortable by shutting doors and windows. That means that air is being re-circulated more often, so more dust particles and good ol’ germs are being trapped in air ducts. Luckily, ServiceMaster of Marshalltown is the master of duct cleaning services to keep your home circulating fresh, clean air.

How can you keep a sense of cleanliness and healthiness in the face of winter? Here are a few simple things you can do everyday.

  • For starters, try to keep galoshes and coats restricted to an enclosed entranceway or closet.
  • At your place of business, provide an obvious and easily washable floor mat so people will feel “welcome” to wipe their feet. Make sure that the mat gets cleaned often.
  • You may also want to add carpet runners in high traffic areas to protect your main carpet from the everyday wear and tear.
  • At home, change furnace filters more frequently and keep an eye out for insects that may seek refuge from the cold, especially in bathrooms and food areas.

After winter has passed you may find that all of your precautions still left your floors and carpets a bit dingy and dirty. No problem! For the most thorough carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and other cleaning services in Marshalltown, give ServiceMaster of Marshalltown a call and we’ll be there to keep your home and business environment clean, sanitary and healthy.

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